The Company

AEWIS Lighting bring you a comprehensive range of commercial lighting which has been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards with design flair and creativity. By utilizing the most sophisticated technology, the highest levels of technical expertise and the latest designs, a comprehensive range of luminaire products has been produced for industrial, commercial and domestic market for export to countries around the world. The well-designed modern luminaires offer customers a wide variety of products for their outdoor lighting needs. AEWIS also has the ability to manufacture products to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Offering a multitude of energy saving lamp, energy efficient and emergency operating options, the range provides practical solutions to an array of interior lighting and exterior lighting applications. At Aewis we have combined our skill and expertise in the design and manufacture of lighting to provide a unique portfolio of products which are not only attractive and hard wearing, but include practical and time saving installation features.
  • Office & Internal Commercial Lighting
  • Domestic Security Lighting & Lanterns
  • Healthcare & Secure Unit Lighting
  • Commercial Exterior Lighting
  • Energy Saving Lamps
  • LED Lighting
  • Display & Domestic Internal Lighting
  • Utility & Emergency Lighting
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